Video Production

Our expertise in video production starts from the moment we begin your project, strategising exactly what you want captured and the best way to do so. Our team of experienced directors, producers and editors will then work together to create filmed content of the highest quality, beginning with the film shoot and then moving on to post video production and in-house editing.
The first step in any production is to clearly strategise what you wish to communicate, how you wish to communicate and to whom. Once this is decided and a script or shot list is formulated, we move on to the storyboarding and planning process.
During pre-production, we will finalise all elements that will appear in the final film – from casting actors, to location scouting and wardrobe for fictional work or locations and timetables for capturing events and journalistic pieces. As much as possible we will have everything taken into account before we start shooting, so that on the day you feel completely in control – with no surprises for anyone.
On the day of the shoot the director and cameraperson will capture the images and our producer will oversee the entire shoot and ensure that everything is coming in on time and on budget. Once completed, the rushes are then taken for processing and then the post-production process can begin.woman-singing-karaoke-while-her-friend-is-recording-with-video-camera_1864809
Our editor will create a cut that is shared with you, so that we can discuss any changes that need to occur. Once these are incorporated, the final video will be colour-graded and smoothed, then delivered to you as a finished piece. We are able to deliver broadcast quality files or simply a DVD that you can publish online.
Our aim is to deliver an incredibly high quality production, minus the headaches. We believe in careful planning to ensure a smooth process and excellent end result.…