Lift Maintenance; Efficient, Effective and Essential

Lift maintenance should be carried out by fully qualified and skilled professionals if it is to be considered desirable and sought after and you cannot settle for maintenance solutions which are somewhat limited in their appeal as this will only attract a small number of potential clients and does not address the bigger picture. The purpose of the maintenance is that it is practical and resourceful and never fails to deliver the goods and constantly impresses on all levels. Shoddy, substandard maintenance needs to be avoided at all costs as this type of maintenance wastes hard-earned cash and precious time and leaves you out of pocket and back to square one with nothing to show for your efforts except an empty wallet and a sense of disenchantment.

Good Job!

If you are looking for maintenance which will satisfy even the most discerning individual then, look for more established and reputable companies. They should be instrumental in the lift maintenance industry for a number of years now and really know our stuff when it comes to maintenance that constantly exceeds expectations every time and never fails to deliver the goods. This kind of maintenance is more often than not extremely hard to come by. Look for a company with a team of proficient and seasoned maintenance specialists making even the most complex of maintenance tasks look so easy.

“How  we  Work”

They carry out all maintenance duties with the greatest care and attention to even the slightest of details and our customer focused attitude and practical, pragmatic approach is what makes us stand head and shoulders above all other maintenance organizations. You cannot go wrong with the maintenance as it is always hugely successful and satisfactory and it is an absolute certainty.

Who could ask for anything more from maintenance of your lift? Lift servicing does not get any better than this, so what are you waiting for? Pick up a bargain today!…


Clothing is a covering designed to cover one’s body. Fashion. When we come across this word the first thing that comes to mind are the ditsy supermodels strutting the runway. But fashion is also a form of creativity.

It involves colors, choice of designs and type of fabric used. Today fashion does not only mean glamour or current trends. Instead, it shows creativity, ingenuity and the persona of the person creating or engaging in this art.

Fashion keeps changing and it’s evolving in a manner where everyone wants to keep paced. Fashion reflects not only style but talent and skill.…

How to Make a Million Bucks

Nowadays, money is a necessity. It is directly proportional to financial security, the reason why lot of people work hard. However, working hard doesn’t guarantee becoming rich, like having a million dollar.   Here are some ways of earning that big amount of wealth.

The One-Shot Way

Win a Lottery

Take your chance with the hope of winning those number lucky number combination to hit the jackpot.

Gamble and Win

Just make sure that lady luck is on your side as you gamble your way to your million dollars. Some says that the secret is knowing how to stop. So when you are winning, stop if you have that million bucks already.

Sell Something

This doesn’t always mean selling a property, it may be a book, a software or an invention. If you are lucky enough, they may turn out to be the best sellers, that’s where the million dollars will come.

The Hard-Earned Way


Saving always takes time, patience and discipline but if you ahead and start today, who knows.


This is also similar to gambling however it will take time but is safer. After some years, your purchased stocks may grow and you can sell it with a million dollar profit.…

5 Billionaires that Change the World

Who doesn’t want to be a billionaire? Some were born and inherited this prestigious status while others worked hard and got lucky to earn it. Having lots of money comes also with a power to make a mark. Here are some of them who made their legacy known to the world.

Bill Gates

He is the co founder of the world’s biggest software company which is the Microsoft. The program itself has already changed the world through technological innovations.

Mark Zuckerberg

The founder of Facebook which revolutionized the way of communication and expression through a social media network.

JK Rowling

She touched the lives of so many through her Harry Potter series. She even selflessly donated most of her money in charitable foundations even to the extent of losing her billionaire status.

Larry Page

He is one of the co founder of the largest search engine, Google.

Pierre Omidyar

He made his mark when he founded eBay, an online shopping website that revolutionized the way of making business through online buying and selling.…

5 Ways to Make Money

Every day, you spend a lot for your subsistence.  Food, clothing and shelter—these are where a majority of your income go.  Add to that are your investments for your job like those that make you look good and presentable at work.  With all these expenses, you need to make money or earn extra income to pay for your daily needs.

These are tips on how you could make money.

Use Your Skills

The internet is flooded with online jobs.  Your personal computer can be your only investment on this.  You may want to do some data entry or writing jobs.  Although these may not pay a lot, yet a number of accomplished tasks can accumulate payment for rent or utilities.

Sell Stuff on eBay or Craigslist

eBay and Craigslist are great venues where you could start a small business.  At first, it might be hard but once you could establish your reliability online, you could get good patrons of your products.  Just see to it that you have a large target market and you sell products that fit them.

Conduct a Garage Sale

This is one great idea to make your life clutter-free and make money from stuffs that you no longer use.

Run Errands for Other People

In your free time, making errands for others is a way where you could while time away and, at the same time, earn from it.

Become a Pet Sitter

If you are a pet lover, then this part-time job is best for you.  You earn while you get to do what interests you.…

3 Ways to Make Money Online

In this modern day of technological advancements, it seems that you can learn and do almost everything on the internet, that including earning some money.

Online Jobs

Whether it’s a full time or part time, there are many available jobs in the internet like transcriptions, content writing, online office works, etc.

Answering Surveys

Many research companies or websites are looking for respondents online, aside from the social media sites, you can spend your spare time filling out and answering those paid surveys

Online Selling

If you are a business-minded kind of person, you can promote and sell your products just by sitting and utilizing the internet.

There are still several ways than just what are listed above. The fundamental part is that you just have to know how to utilize a computer and an internet and get started.…

3 Money Saving Tips

With all the daily expenses, you may seem that money easily slips from your hand.  There are even times that you could hardly remember where your salary went.  Your lifestyle may have unconsciously consumed your income.  Thus, you have to change your habit so you could save up for the future.

Here are 3 ways of saving money.

Buy Only What is Needed

Identify the difference between wants and needs.  While needs are very important for your survival, wants are just rewards.  Taking the latter off from your budget is one way you can save for tomorrow.

Cut Out Vices

One of the most extravagant people on earth is a person with vices.  Smoking and binge drinking are the most terrible things where you could spend your hard-earned money on.  Aside from emptying your pockets, they will gradually kill you.

Be Healthy

Staying healthy is one effective way of saving money.  Instead of spending your money on buying medications, invest it for the future.  The maxim “Prevention is better than cure” will be a great motto for everyone.…

Video Production

Our expertise in video production starts from the moment we begin your project, strategising exactly what you want captured and the best way to do so. Our team of experienced directors, producers and editors will then work together to create filmed content of the highest quality, beginning with the film shoot and then moving on to post video production and in-house editing.
The first step in any production is to clearly strategise what you wish to communicate, how you wish to communicate and to whom. Once this is decided and a script or shot list is formulated, we move on to the storyboarding and planning process.
During pre-production, we will finalise all elements that will appear in the final film – from casting actors, to location scouting and wardrobe for fictional work or locations and timetables for capturing events and journalistic pieces. As much as possible we will have everything taken into account before we start shooting, so that on the day you feel completely in control – with no surprises for anyone.
On the day of the shoot the director and cameraperson will capture the images and our producer will oversee the entire shoot and ensure that everything is coming in on time and on budget. Once completed, the rushes are then taken for processing and then the post-production process can begin.woman-singing-karaoke-while-her-friend-is-recording-with-video-camera_1864809
Our editor will create a cut that is shared with you, so that we can discuss any changes that need to occur. Once these are incorporated, the final video will be colour-graded and smoothed, then delivered to you as a finished piece. We are able to deliver broadcast quality files or simply a DVD that you can publish online.
Our aim is to deliver an incredibly high quality production, minus the headaches. We believe in careful planning to ensure a smooth process and excellent end result.…